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Project IDProject TypeIndustryProject DescriptionBudget
Website Development
US-based client looking to create a networking website, allowing users to share experiences, business listings, videos and communicate via live chat and direct messaging.
Digital Marketing
US-based non-profit organization looking to create and execute an overall marketing strategy with the aim of increasing the number of followers and partners.
Digital Marketing
Broadcast Media
Caribbean based client looking to create a marketing strategy with the goal of expanding the number of advertising clients in St. Lucia and the region.
Website Redesign
Information Technology and Services
US-based client looking to redesign the company's main website as well as 4 other clients' under their umbrella, followed by the creation of an overall branding strategy.
Digital Marketing
Real Estate
US-based client looking for organic social media, copywriting, creating marketing brochures and mobile marketing with the aim of expanding the existing clientele towards 2 new markets.
Software Development
Translation and Localization
US-based client looking to redesign the existing legacy software by going out of PHP, include online request portal and integration for QuickBooks.
Software Development
Consumer Services
US-based client looking enhance the existing proprietary software by adding calendar functionality and upgrading CRM system. Knowledge of C# programming language is required.
Website Development
Nonprofit Organization Management
UK-based client looking to develop a school loan aggregator platform. In the initial stage, it should include 5-6 financial institutions, whereas the further expansion is expected.
Video Production
Health, Wellness and Fitness
US-based client looking to create a promotional video, highlighting 5 of the best-selling company products. It should be filmed in at least three locations with a diverse group of actors.
App Development
Primary/Secondary Education
Israel-based client looking to convert a dynamic textbook used for relationship education in secondary education into an interactive application.

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